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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine

As if you can't tell by the name this is where we keep all of our lifestories. And just for your information we really aren't as crazy as you might think it's just fuzzy green martians have taken over our bodies so it's not our fault...


Stories about Tasuki

Stupid Computers

It's a story about Tasuki and Kourin in the real world, and it's like so cute and funny, you just have to read it to understand what i'm trying to tell you.


Stories about Nuriko

Roller Skating Lessons

This is just a story I wrote about three of the seishi and me and two of my friends. In it we take roller skating lessons and things happen. No spoilers but if you're a big Hotohori fan he kinda turned out to be the bad guy in my story. I didn't do it on purpose, it just kinda happened that way.


The story is the prolouge to our Nuriko no Miko story. It's not quite finished yet, but it almost is if you want to read it.

The Meeting

This is a story about how Nuriko and Daine found each other in the real world. It's now finished so you can read all of it if you want.