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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine
About us

Kourin and Daine



Just in case you were wondering, these are so not pictures of my brother. Can't you see? There's no mole!

Kourin (Nuriko's little sister)

Full name: Chou Kourin

Age: died when 9 (in the book) now 17

Birthday: June 17

Birthplace: Eiyou, the capitol city of Konnan

Hair color: Purple

Eye color: hazel

Blood type: o

Height: 166cm=5'5

Weight: 42kg

Family: Mother, father, 2 older brothers, Nuriko and Rokou

Interests: loving Tasuki, crossdressing, singing, and drawing

Dislikes: boys,(don't ask) bugs, thunder, homework, and Mibaka.

True identity: Nuriko no seishi

Seishi symbol: the kanji for "ai" (love) located in the same place Nuriko's symbol is

Seishi power: magical powers to protect those she loves, but not herself. (Pretty corny, don't you think? So if you have a cooler power that you don't want anymore, Kourin is willing to trade, yunno?) Also have vision to predict the future.

Element: water.

Personality: Cheerful, optimistic, loyal, credulous and somewhat vain. (Definatly not as vain as Hotohori^_^.) She is probably the most naive person out there,but she denies it. She seem pretty airheaded at first glance, but she really is not as stupid as you might think. It's really too bad that only her close friends know that. She's also a crybaby because I guess she just can't seem to find a better way to solve her problems. I don't really think it's a bad thing, do you? (A word of advice though, never eat her food because she never pays attention when she's cooking, so you are bound to find something not edible in there. For example, a fork.)

By: Tasuki

Daine (Hotohori's youngest sister)

Full name: Sai Daine

Age: died when 12 (in the book) now 16

Birthday: February 13

Birthplace: Eiyou

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color:Red/Pink

Bloodtype: o

Heigt: 5'3

Weight:105 lb

Family: Mother, Father, Two sisters, Three brothers (Hotohori)

Interests: Being with Nuriko, Kissing Nuriko, and being with Nuriko

Dislikes: Mushrooms,Mibaka, Ashtray,big sister,Mibaka, customs, work, Mibaka, and Charleston. Definately Charleston. Never been to a place that I hated so much.

Element: Wood

True Identity: Nuriko No Miko

Miko Symbol: Hana the kanji for flower.

Personality: She is smart but only in book smarts. She has no common sense whatsoever and is terribly clumsy, somewhat like Mibaka. Fortunately, she cooks well and enjoys doing it. She can be stubborn at times about things that matter to her a lot. She can be lazy but when she puts her mind to it will do something well and right. She dislikes lying about serious things and to friends even though she does like to make up outrageous lies about little things. She cares a lot for her friends and will do anything to help one. She is also overly sensitive which is a real nuisance at times. But she cares deeply for those she loves and dislikes being parted from them even when they are being annoying. (Hey, Kourin's pretty annoying you know? J/K)
Kourin: Brother, i heard that!

By Nuriko