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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine
Nuriko Shrine


Hi there and welcome to our Nuriko shrine! In my opinion Nuriko is the greatest person (notice I write person) in the whole wide world! This is where all my nuriko information is. Well anyway I bet you're thinking I should just stop typing (Once you start you just can't stop) and get on with the shrine so I guess I will acquise and do as you ask. (bows)

Nuriko's Vital Stats

Seishi Name: Nuriko

Real Name: Chou Ryuuen

Meaning Of Chou: Butterfly

Nicknames: Nuri-chan, Nee-chan

Star Pattern: Hydra

Seishi Symbol: Willow

Age: 18

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Hair Color: purple

Eye Color: hazel

Seishi Ability: Strength

Bloodtype: B

Birthday: March 10

Birthplace: Eiyou, capital city

Family: Mother, Father, Sister, Brother

Hobbies: Cross Dressing, Protecting Mibaka from herself

Personality: Nuriko is incredibly sweet to those he loves (me)However he can be jerkish to strangers or ones he's jealous of. If you ever need he'll be there and you can count on him to always be there for you. He's the strong rock that supports me. He always believes that people can do what they set out to do. In short, he's perfect


"Daine-chan, correct me if I'm mistaken but this is a Nuriko shrine right?"
"And most Nuriko shrines have pictures up right?"
"So where are my pictures?"
"I have them. I just have to send them to Kourin so that she can put them up because I don't know how"
"Sorry sorry, I'll learn how to do it eventually but I just have too many honors classes this year and not enough time. Anyway why do you care? Wait a minute I know! You just want even more little naive girls to fall in love with you right?"
"Um, well, ..."
"I knew it! aren't I enough?" (sniffles)
"Of course! I was just wondering why my site wasn't complete"
"Are you sure?"
His kiss answered her question.