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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine

This is the page on all of our bestest friends who you will see popping up in our fanfics.(Stories) (We finally put some up! Yea!)

Hotohori(Hitei) and Usagi

Hotohori(Hitei) is my(Daine's) brother. We found him after we brought Nuriko back in the book world. He is a bit stuck-up at times but still very cool and sweet and easily lovable. He met Usagi and instantly fell in love with her. Before he met Usagi, he used to hit on Kourin because she reminded him of his dead wife from the book world. It kinda annoyed Kourin so she introduced him to Usagi who was totally in love with him even before she met him. The two hit it off instantly and have never been separated since.

Usagi is a very cheerful, jumpy, fun person. When Usagi and Kourin get together they are the most comic things in the world. They start talking about the weirdest things in the world and it's very entertaining. Especially since they don't seem to mind being laughed at.

Zarbon and Anya

Anya is a kinda silly person and is just as cute as the rest of us. She can be a little naive at times (like Kourin) She is very nice and always has enough money for people when they forget their lunch money. She tells really silly jokes (Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? Because he was dead, haha) (Me, Daine, Fails to see why this is so funny) (Kourin, thinks it's funny and cute) (Daine cannot see why a dead monkey is cute)

Zarbon's main obsession, except for loving Anya, is *********************. (We had to take off all that stuff because somebody, we are not gonna say who, threatened to eat our children if we ever have any, so we are sorry.) To find out more watch Dragon Ball Z (Daine does not know him that well even though he lives with us.)

Tamahome and Michia

First let us explain why Tamahome is in love with Michia. You see that stupid pig, Mibaka, was eating as usual but she got so into it she choked. Fortunately no one was there to help her plus none of us even know the hiemlich manuever, so she died (even if we (Daine and Kourin) did know how we still wouldn't help her.) So she died about a few weeks ago. Tamahome immeadiately got together with Michia because he had been cheating on Mibaka anyway because he couldn't stand the fact that she loved food more than him. Tamahome, once he came anyway, is now the guy that everyone wants to beat up. Everybody unites against him. However he bears it all very cheerfully because he knows that the next time that they're around deep water he can torture Tasuki.

Michia doesn't love food as much as Mibaka does but she and Tamahome make a really cute couple. She yells at him and he just takes it like a man. Michia is Usagi's little sister. Hotohori is not very pleased that he will be related to Tamahome even if it's only through marriage. Michia is way smarter than Mibaka. She not annoying at all so we all like her.


Michal and Yui WAS a couple

Michal is one of our friends who we meet at school. We introduce him to Yui (Because they're both so smart we thought that they would hit it off together) and he instantly falls head over heels in love with her. He then begins to chase her around and do smart romantic things to her like read poetry and stuff like that which everybody else thinks is completely disgusting but it seems to make Yui happy.

Yui broke up with Testsuya for some unknown reason and to cheer her up we introduced her to Michal for the reasons stated above. She likes him but she doesn't like like him. Or not at first anyway. As he continues to chase her she slowly starts to fall in love with him. Eventually she does and they live happily ever after reading poetry.

Well anyways, love doesn't last i guess because Michal is now with Finn-chan.

Meg and Access
They are the cutest couple in the history of the world. Access's cuteness and Meg's strangness, yeah, they really look good together. Heehee, well Meg think Access is the cutest thing ever to walk on the face of this planet, so i hope Access feels the same way about her. Actually he does. That's why they are so cute together.