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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine
Tasuki Shrine


Well It's kinda obvious isn't it? This is my shrine to my true love, Tasuki. If you like him I don't mind cause I'm really not the jealous women type. (my brother, Nuriko, says the same thing. All the same I think I should warn you that if you try to take Tasuki away from me Nuriko will hunt you down and pound you into the wall.^_^.)


Tasuki Stats

Seishi name: Tasuki

Star pattern: crater

Full real name: Kou Shun'u

Nicknames: Genrou (young wolf), Gen-chan

Age: 17 when he first appears in the anime

Birthdate: April,18

Meaning of last name: Either climate/time or duke because when I saw his name in kanji I realized that there is no such last name as climate/time even though that is what's written there, but there is however a kanji that has only an one stroke difference from the kanji for climate/time, and is a last name from what I know, meaning duke, so I'm not really sure if Yuu Watase made a mistake or what.

Seishi symbol: the kanji for "tsubasa" (wing)located on his right forearm.

Seishi ability: speed, agility, tessen, and maybe some martial arts.

Height: 178cm=5'10

Blood type: B

Hair color: redish orange

Eye color: green

Interests: getting drunk, fighting, brawling, cursing, and last but not least, making out with me!

Family: mother, father, 5 older sisers,(Jiang, Li'an, Pa'liu, Mai, and Aidou) and lover (Kourin)

Element: fire. (People always say fire and water don't mix, so I really don't understand why we get along so well. I guess it just means opposites do attract ^_^.


Tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. Bright, optimistic, fun, cute and loyal. If you watch Fushigi Yuugi you should know all that stuff, but fortunately for me I don't have to since I know him personaly and all. ^_^. But anywayz, I'm not good at describing people, so I'll probably mess it up and make everyone hate Tasuki by accident. All I can say about him is the fact that if you know him, you'll love him to death!