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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine

This is where all our links to our favorite websites are, na no da. Visit them, they're really good.

We stopped taking requests to link anymore anime sites because now for us to add a link on this page, it's so difficult that it would require us to delete the whole site and build it from scratch again. For those of you who has requested already, we are sorry, but we just don't feel like rebuilding this website from scratch.


This website is our sistersite, it's kinda new.


This is the coolest Tasuki club ever! A very nice website with a LOT of information ^_^.


The two Nuriko websites above are me and Daine's favorite Nuriko websites, it's really good!


A new website, but never the less it's still a good website to go to if you want some information on a certain carrot top. ^_^v


A very creative website where you can get married with a hot bishonen, and he is yours only. If you have your own anime website, i suggest you to go here ^_^. (Just don't tell Tasuki about it ok? ^_~~)

shirtless nuriko fan club.jpg

A nice little Nuriko club that i'm a member of!


A nice little website about stuff, i guess.


An online manga store w/a great selection of Chinese version manga. I like this store a lot because the prices are good. Like you can get a volume of Fushigi Yuugi for $4.50


An interesting website where you can catch bishonen like you catch those pokemon things!


A really big website full of anime links, and this website is on it too! ^_^