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Stupid Computers


"Tasuki-chan! How many times have I told you not to fry the computer even if it

does something really stupid!" Kourin screamed as she entered the living room and saw what used to be a perfectly good computer. Tasuki dropped his tessen (a fan that emits fire with a spell) and slowly looked up, " Sorry honey, I couldnít help it, it really made me mad this time."

Kourin sighed, " Okay, what did it do this time?"

"Well, it ate this story I wrote about how great I think you are, is that good enough to be an excuse?" Tasuki whispered with his head down. "Oh, really? Thatís like so sweet!" Kourin squealed. "Yay! So does that mean you are not mad at me anymore?" Tasuki asked as a smile came across his face.

" Of course Iím not mad at you anymore, how in the world can I ever get mad at you. But does punishing the computer mean you also had to fry my science project along with it?" Tasuki looked around the room, "What science project?" "That." Kourin replied while pointing to a pile of ashes on the floor. Tasukiís face turned green, "Oh, that? Oops, I hope it wasnít important."

Kourin sat on the floor looking sadly at the pile of ashes, "I wish it wasnít, but it kind of is since it counted two test grades. Tasuki sat on the floor with her, and put one arm around her shoulder. He had the saddest puppy eyes, "Iím so sorry, is there anything I can do to make up for what I did?

Kourin smiled, "Itís okay, donít worry about it, itís not due until like next month or something, but the real problem here is the fact that you also fried my English research project I saved in the computer, and itís kinda due tomorrow."

Tasuki looked like he was about to cry, "Man, Iím so stupid, Iím even more stupid than that computer I just fried." Kourin tries to cheer Tasuki up, "Oh, donít say that, you are way smarter than I am, so you must be smarter than our dumb computer." "Hey, I know." Tasuki yelled happily, "You can just tell you English teacher that your stupid fiancee fried it."

Kourin thought about it for a minute, "No, I really donít think thatís gonna work because Iíve only used that excuse like 200 times since you fried more than 20 computers last year." Tasuki laughed, "Ha, donít worry Iíll go tell her." Kourin pulled away from him with a really strange look on her face, "Tell her what, that you are gonna fry her too if she doesnít give me more time on my research project? Tasuki scratched his head innocently and smile at her, "Well, yeah!"

If Kourin was eating something, donít be surprised if she spit it out, or choke on it or something like that. Kourin stood up looking mighty upset, "Tasuki, please promise me that you wonít go to my school and threaten my teacher, do you even remember the time when you beat up that dude who used to always pick on me in class." Tasuki got up and stood next to her, "Hey, that was different okay, Iím a man, and I canít just sit there and watch my girl getting picked on by that pig." Kourin giggled, "I know you meant well Tasuki-chan, but you do remember how much trouble I got into, right?"

Tasuki embraced her, "Well, then thereís only one thing we can do now." Kourin looked up, "Whatís that?" Tasuki had an "evil" smile on his face, and Kourin could see his fangs from where sheís standing. "You can call in sick tomorrow." Tasuki suggested. If Kourin had never met Tasuki she probably never thought she would say this, but she replied, "Okay, forge my brotherís signature again?" Tasuki leaned down and kissed Kourinís forehead while he still has his arms wrapped around her, "Sure, anything for you my little princess!"