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Daine and Kourins Totally Best Nuriko and Tasuki Shrine

Daine and Kourin's new family

Please don't take the following statements seriously if you don't know much about Fushigi Yuugi because we are only trying to be funny and not to confuse you.

After Nuriko no Miko(Daine) called Nuriko, everyone was transported back to the real world,except Tasuki who will be reborn. In the real world Daine, Nuriko, and Kourin found Hotohori, and the four of them lived together. At first Hotohori kept hitting on Kourin because she looked a lot like his dead wife. Kourin thought he was being a little bit annoying, since he know she's in love with Tasuki, and is trying hard to find him in the real world, so Kourin introduced Hotohori to Usagi(a Nuriko no seishi) who had always been in love with Hotohori even though she had never met the man before in her life. Hotohori fell in love with Usagi within the first second he met her, so you can imagine how happy Kourin is. Well anywayz, a year later Kourin found the reincarnated Tasuki who was 19 at the time and was working as a comedian, so now Daine, Nuriko, Kourin, Tasuki, Hotohori, and Usagi live together. But only a month after that Anya, Zarbon, Michie and Tamahome moved in with us because they didn't want to live by themselves, they think it'll be a lot more fun to be around their friends.
So to make a long story short, everyone lives together in one of two mansions that Daine wished for when she was Nuriko no Miko