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Tasuki and Kourinís past

(Told from Kourinís POV)


It was many, many years ago when Tasuki and I first met. I was still living in the book world at the time.

* * *

That year my whole family was on our way home to Eiyou, the capital of Konnan, when we were passing through a mountain called Mt. Leikaku. I canít remember it that well any more, I think I had to use the bathroom really bad or something like that, and my parents had no idea that the mountain was over ran with bandits. They just told me to go in the bushes, they never even thought of the possibility that it would be unsafe.

So to make a long story short I was kidnapped by bandits, and they took me to their leader, whose name I canít even remember anymore. He got kinda mad at the men who captured me for kidnapping a useless little kid, but after he thought about it a little, he decided to let me stay because his best friend has a son who is about the same age as me, and he thinks when we get a little older weíd be really cute together. To tell everyone the truth I kinda already knew that I was going to be kidnapped by bandits because I have vision that tells me about the future, but I have never been able to change the future before since my visions never tell when and how something is going to happen.

Well anyway, after hearing what the leader said I tried to escape because I really didnít want to live the rest of my life with a bunch of bandits. How could I escape? I was just a little kid yunno? So the bandits caught me and locked me up so I wonít escape anymore.

* * *

It actually not that bad of a deal getting kidnapped by bandits because thatís when I met him. A little boy with orange hair who looked about my age brought me my dinner that night. I knew he was a potty mouth from the very start because when he gave me my dinner he said "I know it taste like $hit, but if you donít eat it youíll f***iní starve to death." (Did I mention he was caring too.) All I could say to that was thank you. The boy sat down next to me and ate with me. When we were eating he told me that he was the leaderís best friendís son, but he told me "I donít know what the leader was thinking Ďcause he knows I hate girls." Iím not really sure why, but I found it very cute and funny, so I start laughing histarically.

He was surprised with the fact that I was laughing at him, so trying to get my attention he punched the ground with one fist and yelled "Hey, stop laughing, I have a very good reason to hate women, I have 5 older sisters, and I bet if you have nothing but brothers youíll hate boys too."

I stopped laughing and looked at him "Actually I do have only two older brothers, but I donít hate boys, in fact my best friend is my brother Nuriko.

"Really?" He asked "Well, I guess it doesnít work that way for everyone, but anyway I almost forgot, my name is Tasuki, my friends call me Genrou, whatís your name?

"Chou, Kourin Chou." I replied. "But some people call me sumomo(plum)." Tasuki smiled, "I think people called you that because of your purple hair, but otherwise I think you have a really pretty name, and it suits you very well."

Before I could say anything there came a knock at the door, and the voice of a young boy saying, "Knock, knock; whoís there; itís kouji; kouji who; Genrouís buddy, thatís who; oh, great come right on in; thank you." The door opened and a boy who looked about Tasukiís age walked in. He had blue hair, and a scar on the left side of his face. (Believe it or not Kouji had the scar even then.)

When the new boy walked in, I remembered again that Iíve been kidnapped by bandits and is surrounded by bandits. I got pretty scared (meanly by the scar) and hid behind Tasuki, for some reason I wasnít afraid of him.

Kouji walked up to Tasuki and yelled, "Hey Genrou, what the h*** is taking you so long?" This is when he noticed me hiding behind Tasuki. Kouji stared at me for a second and started joking around saying, "Genrou, I thought you didnít like girls."

"Umm, what are you talking about, I hate girls." Tasuki started blushing. Kouji laughed, "Yeah right, how do you explain her." He said it while pointing at me. Tasuki thought about it for a minute, and replied "Well, thatís not a girl."

Now itís my turn, I smacked Tasuki on the head. "What do you mean by Iím not a girl?"

Kouji started laughing at us, so we decided to beat him up instead of beating up each other.

We became friends quickly, and before I know it, I was listening to Kouji telling us about his day. He didnít even asked us whether we wanted to know or not because we really didnít. I especialy didnít want to know about how he kicked this other kidís butt in a fight.

Iíve never been a big fan of fighting because I usually get beat up, but thank god for my big brother Nuriko because he can fight my battles for me.

After Kouji was done telling us about his day, he took out a bottle and set it in front of Tasuki and said, "Oh I almost forgot, you left without your favorite drink, and how can your best buddy let you eat dinner without your sake."

Tasukiís eyes lit up at the sight of the bottle, he grabbed it, and hugged it tight as if it was his baby. (Huh! Boys!)

Tasuki opened the bottle in a hurry, but before he was about to take a sip, he stopped and handed me the bottle.

"Would you like to try some?" He offered.

If my parents were there, Iíd be in big trouble, but since they are not, oh what the heck! So I took the bottle and gulped down some of that stuff.

"Not bad." I commented after I took a big sip of it.

To make a long story short again, the three of us were drunk in no time. (It seems that Tasuki has a talent for getting girls drunk because 10 year later he gets Mibaka just as drunk as I am now. ^_^.)

* * *

A month just passed like this. I havenít tried to escape again because I donít see the need to since my life here if just fine. The bandit leader actually seemed very please to have me around, because according to Tasuki I made their lives fun. (I guess I am just a fun person to be around, everybody loves me because Iím just too adorable. ^_^.)

* * *

"Kourin-chan!" Someone yelled.

"Thatís Nurikoís voice."

I tried to look in the direction of the voice, but instead of seeing my brother running up to me, I saw my self lying in a pool of blood. I wasnít moving or breathing, and thereís a purple light around me.

"Could it bÖ could it be one of my visions?"

"Does this mean Iím going to die?"

"No, but thatís not possible, I want to wake up."

"Someone wake me up!" I yelled, but I know the word didnít get out of my head.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Someone was shaking me and yelling in my ears now.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and saw Tasuki sitting on my bed. Tears were streaming down my face now.

"Did you have a bad dream?" He asked with concern.

I nodded "A really bad one."

Tasuki embraced me as he stroked my hair and slowly whispered in my ear, "Itís okay now, itís just a dream, dreams canít hurt you."

I buried my face in his chest, and whispered, "What if I told you it can?"

"Donít be silly, dreams donít come true."

"Well, Iím scared because I think it can, and Iím going to die."

"Hey, donít say that, saying things like that is bad luck! And plus you canít die because we are going to get married and live happily ever after."

"Really!" My face it now covered with a smile because Iíve never heard him say that before.

"Yes, of course we are, and if you are still scared do you want me to sleep in your room tonight? Do you think thatíll make you feel better?"

"Oh, really youíll do that for me?" I asked with a smiled.

"Sure, there isnít a thing in this universe that I wouldnít do for you."