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"Oh, I canít believe I forgot again, I swear I am so hopeless." Kourin whined to herself with her British accent when she turned her book bag upside down, and still found no paper.

"Well, itís not all my fault, I mean whoís stupid idea is it anyways to have a field trip to the zoo, itís not like we are still in elementary school, we are in high school for Godís sake." Kourin mumbled to herself in light speed.

"Who cares anyways, I can always write on my hand." She thought to herself as she pulled out a pen from a small pocket on her book bag.

Youíll have to feel sorry for Kourin right about now because she has to go on a stupid field trip to the zoo on a Saturday morning for her Biology class, and none of her friends are in her Biology class, so sheís pretty much wondering off by herself right now.

But anyways, out of all the animals she could have picked to observe, she chose butterflies, maybe because that is what her last name means.

* * *

"Hi, you are Mr. Kou arenít you, can I please have your autograph?" A blond asked a tall man in a suit and sunglasses, who had a small girl in his arms that looked like his girlfriend.

The man answer, "Sure of course, do you want me to sign it on you shirt?"

"Oh, thatíll be wonderful." The girl smiled with joy. Her smile was brighter than sunshine.

The tall man bent down to sign his name on the sleeve of the girlís shirt, and after he was finished he left in a hurry without saying anything. (I think he seems rather cold, do you?)

"I canít believe weíd run into those annoying people again at a place like this." The small girl commented.

"Yeah I know, they almost ruined our date again, itís a good thing that there werenít that many people around."

"Well, we should probably head home soon before more people recognize us."

"No!" The tall man replied, "There is still one more thing I want to see before I go."

"Donít tell me." The girl said in an annoyed tone. "Let me guess, the butterflies isnít it?"

"Why of course, you know me so well, itís amazing." The man said as a tiny smirk came across his lips.

"Donít be so amazed, everyone knows that you have this thing for butterflies, sometimes I get the feeling that you love butterflies more than you love me."

"You are being silly again, getting jealous over a few little butterflies." The man seems to be getting a little impatient now.

* * *

"This isnít good, this isnít good at all." Kourin thought to herself as she started writing on her left arm. She was only planning on writing on her hand, but now she has to move on to a new plan because she had just remembered that her Biology teacher wanted four pages of notes.

"Why me out of all people?" Kourin whined when she realized that she had ran out of room on her left arm.

"Maybe it is time to call brother for help," she thought as she pulled out her cell phone.

She carefully opened the case, but when she began to dial, she stopped realizing that as stupid as she is she has forgotten her own home phone number.

"Um, hey little girl, do you need some help?" A voice came from behind Kourin, and it startled her.

Kourin jumped, and turned around. She saw a tall man with orange hair and sunglasses. He had a girlfriend looking person attached to his side.

Kourin normally never speak with strangers, but the man had on a warm smile that she just absolutely can not resist, so she answered him.

"Hi there, do you have any paper, Iím kind of running low on that right now."

"I actually donít have any paper with me right now, Iím so sorry." The man answered her feeling kinda guilty that he canít help her, and also finding her accent kinda funny.

"Oh well, itís okay, Iíll manage somehow." Kourin lied as she turned around and tries to leave.

"Wait!" The man yelled as he grabbed Kourinís right arm from behind. He let go of her after he got her attention, and he reached in a big pocket inside of his jacket, pulling out a small notebook.

"Here, take it." He offered.

"What do you think you are doing!" The small girl cut in now. "Thatís you favorite possession, you wouldnít even sale it to a fan who offered a lot of money for it last year, and now you giving it to this little kid who needs to take some stupid notes for school?"

"Itís mine, so I get to do what ever I want with it." The man answers her coldly.

Kourin really doesnít feel like tearing a couple apart for some stupid notebook, so she tries to get away from the crazy couple.

"You know what, I make terrible grades anyways, so whatís another F gonna do to me." Kourin said causally to the couple and tries to make her getaway.

"Come back!" The man ordered. "Donít listen to what she says, sheíll get over it."

The small girl seems pretty mad now, so she stomp her foot real hard on the ground and left the two.

"Iím really sorry about that, my girlfriend can get that way sometimes when she sees another pretty girl around me, but anyways I want you to have this because I really donít want a good student to fail a class if I can help it." The man held out the cute little notebook, and offered it to her again.

"Are you sure, you seem to like it very much."

"Of course, itís just a notebook I can always go to the store and get another one."

"Oh, thank you so much." Kourin accepted the notebook with both hands.

Kourin took a minute to look at the notebook carefully, and she noticed what was so special about it. Itís actually a pretty girlie notebook for a guy, it had pink and blue butterflies on the cover, and all of the pages in it were of a light purple color.

"Butterflies are my favorite." The two of them said at the same time, and when they realized that they had said the same thing at the same time, they started laughing at each other.

"Now I understand why you love it so much, itís very pretty."

"Thank you, but you missed the prettiest part of it."

"Oh, whatís that?"

"The girl on the cover of course." The man said while pointing to a sketch of a young girl with purple hair on the cover.

"Did you draw her?" Kourin asked looking very closely at the sketch now, and she noticed how much the girl looked like herself.

"Yes, I did, I love this picture because it makes me feel like thereís meaning to life, and thereís someone to live for, but now think itís better to give it to you because she looks a lot like you." The man said while trying to figure out why he is being so nice to the girl.

"Sorry I forgot to ask what your name is misterÖ"

"Oh, the name is Tasuki, but my friends call me Genrou, so I guess you have a choice there."

"TASUKI!!! Are you sure you are Tasuki?" Kourin screamed in his ear. "Iím Kourin, donít you remember me?"

Everything wouldíve been just fine if Kourin didnít just blurt out her name like that, but she did and it was too late to stop what was about to happen now.

There was a murderous look in Tasukiís eyes now, Kourin was sure that it was not there before. It seemed like Tasuki had turned into a totally different person.

Before Kourin had the time to react, Tasuki pulled out a sword, (Pretty much out of nowhere) and plunged it toward her heart.

Kourin didnít have time to dodge it, but something really weird happened, her symbol formed a shield around her, and protected her from the sword. (Itís weird because her symbol isnít there to protect her, it was meant to protect others.)

Having missed the first time, Tasuki tried another one toward her throat, and this time Kourin didnít just stand there stupidly. She turned around quickly and started running for her life. The whole time she was running, she could only think about one thing, why does Tasuki want to kill me?

She really shouldnít try to run and think about other things at the same time for before she got very far she tripped and fell flat on her face. (What talent it is to trip on absolutely nothing!)

When she tried to get up again, Tasuki had already caught up with her. Tasuki walked closer and closer to her, and the only thing she could do was to move backward. Itís kind of a hard task when sheís still sitting on the ground. She didnít get very far before she ran into a tree, things doesnít look very good for Kourin.

Tasuki had an evil grin on his face as he put his sword against Kourinís throat once again. As Tasuki bent down to see her face, he chuckled, "Where are you going to run now little girl?"

There were tears all over Kourinís face now, out of all the ways she could die she had never thought sheíd die in Tasukiís hands.

"I only have one question for you before I die." Kourin finally found enough courage to say.

"Whatís that?"

"Why do you want to kill me so bad, donít you recognize me Tasu-chan?" Kourinís voice was shaking now.

"I, IÖ" Tasuki looked like he was getting a really bad headache. "What right do you have to ask me a such question, I just want you dead!"

Tasuki yelled as he aimed the sword toward her heart.

Kourin closed her eyes, not wanting to see what was going to happen to her. A second later she heard the sound of a sword plunging into flesh, but she didnít feel pain, so she opened her eyes again. When she did, she saw the most horrifying scene she could possibly imagine.

There he was, lying motionless on the ground with a long sword through his stomach, blood was gushing everywhere. Kourin got up to her feet and ran up to him. She kneeled down on the ground next to him, and gently held his head in her lap. He opened his eyes slowly and when he saw her face, he smiled a sad smile at her.

"Why did you do that? Why!?" Kourin yelled while crying hysterically. Tasukiís voice was very weak now, and he can bearly be heard. "Donít cry my love, everything is going to be all right now, you are safe."

"No, everythingís not going to be all right you big liar, you are dying, Iíll have to heal you." Kourin said while looking at Tasukiís wound.

"No you canít, if you do Iíll probably try to kill you again."

"Why, why did you want to kill me so bad?"

"Iím so sorry my love, I remember everything now. Iím not the real Tasuki, Iím merely a colon of him, I wasnít supposed to remember you, but I guess Tasuki loved you too much to forget."

Kourin was shocked. "What do you mean you are not the real Tasuki, of course you are, you are Tasuki as far as Iím concerned because the real Tasuki couldnít have protected me better than you did."

"Iím glad to hear that my love, now I can die happy." Tasuki said as he lifted his right hand and reached up to touch her face, but he dropped his hand before he could reach her.

"No!!!" Kourin screamed, "You canít die, you are not dead!"

Kourinís scream is known for being able to wake the dead, but it didnít work this time. A breeze came, and Tasukiís body turned into a group of butterflies and flew away with the wind. Kourin is left there all by herself crying.